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We encourage you to Remember our Ministry & Missions with prayers and financial support.


Our Ministry Needs Partners & Pledges for:


Building Program for our School to Equipping the Leaders to Disciple the Nations


1. CIST Theological Training Center BUILDING Program -  $ 95.000 (USD)

2. CIST Computer Training Program COMPUTER Library - $ 20,000 (USD)


Support our Monthly Budget and Expenses


1. Internet-based Theological School - $ 100 (USD)

2. Church-based Theological Education - $ 100 (USD)

3. Disciple the Nations - Disciple the Leaders Program$ 500 (USD)

4. Scholarship Program - can support 10 students - $ 300.(USD)

5. Support our Bible Teachers & Church Planters - Any Amount


We have a line-up of Pastors, Church Planters & Workers who are willing to be trained and eqipped in our   Internet & Church-based Theological Education. for our Tuition Fee Scholarship.


Support our One Dollar MISSIONS  for CIST Mentoring Missions


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Please INDICATE What MINISTRY or MISSIONS you are going to support:


To our Ministry Partners, Pastors and Donors,

Thank you very much...


Donate Online: Through Paypal Credit Card:

Click "Donate" Below (Any Amount)

Donate Cash: Payment; Pledges; etc.

Send Through: Moneygram, Western Union

Send to:  Edwin M. Gregorio

Address:  33-A G.L. Jaena St., West Rembo,

Makati City, Philippines 1215

Mobile +63 - 0917-881-2608


Send: Photo of MTCN or Reference No. CLEAR COPY PLEASE

email to:  emgregorio at yahoo dot com

Bank Deposit: Enrollment & Module Payment

Banco De Oro - Pioneer Branch - Pasig City, Philippines

Account Name - Edwin M. Gregorio

BDO Dollar Savings Account # - 10644-0022198 

Swift Code - BNORPHMM


Send Through: our PH Bank

Banco De Oro - Pioneer Branch - Pasig City, Philippines

○ Account Name - Edwin M. Gregorio

BDO Peso Savings Account # - 00644-0021132

Send email: Confirmation/Reference Number

 to: emgregorio at yahoo dot com


We encourage you to Support our Ministry & Missions with prayers and financial support to our scholar students missionaries, pastors and leaders.


We would like to hear from you.

For inquiry, comments and suggestions:

contact:  admissions@cistonline.com


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