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Comments from our Top Leaders

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Rev. Noel M. Morandarte


Coordinator CIST Network, New York, USA

D.Min. Candidate - CIST Network USA

"The Christian International School of Theology equips believers for God's call and challenge to minister life to a lost and sin-ravaged world and edification to the Body of Christ in these last of the last days. The up-to-date method and style of teaching and instruction allows for liberty and fluidity but at the same time encourage responsibility and discipline, provide more spiritual devotional quality time with God, family, and personal activities but also call for a balanced and serious study of the Scriptures; and, supply incredible resources for scholarly study but challenge the student to humble himself and depend on the Holy Spirit." Ptr. Noel Morandarte


In Young Kim - Sis. Ruth

South Korean Missionary

Master of Christian Education - CIST Network Asia

"I think I have the heart and will to study at Christian International School of Theology - CIST Network and I thank God for guiding me in my studies in this institution. Learning about God and His Word motivates me to aspire more as a Christian. I know that God will use me after finishing my studies in the most fitting ministry as missionary of God." In Young Kim/Sis. Ruth


Rev. Daniel Naraine

Missionary - Canada

Founder/President - Bread of Life Humanitarian Ministry, Inc.

D.Min. Candidate - CIST Network Asia

" It is refreshing to be a part of CIST and Dr. Gregorio's discussion on the Bible in a most reasonable manner, guided by sound principles and the Holy Spirit anointing for greater understanding . I would encourage anyone to explore, " the way, the truth and the life..." through their studies at CIST."


Dr. Victor C. Balcita, M.D.

Medical Missions

Senior Pastor - Jesus Christ Sabaoth Church

D.Min. Candidate - CIST Network Philippines

" The program is fitting and proper for pastors, workers of the Lord for it gives immense information, rationality and in-depth discussions of Biblical principles. It helps to develop character and spiritual maturity."


Rev. Hatie Naraine

Missionary - Canada

Missions Director - Bread of Life Humanitarian Ministry, Inc.

D.Min. Candidate - CIST Network Asia

" I am impressed with the comprehensive curriculum that is being offered. The approach is highly individualized and they offer a ladderized program."


Rev. Jun R. De Leon


 Senior Minister - Colossians New Life in Jesus Church Inc.

 D. Min. Program - CIST Network Manila

" Pastors who train leaders should be taught and should learn continually. CIST is one potent area of study for shepherds and church leaders who want to disciple and train Gods workers. The biblical curricula are well-planned and are suited relevantly to the calls of contemporary times. As an internet, home and church-based theological school, CIST is a must for Gods vineyard workers. I say it again, It is a must!"


Rev. Emmanuel Tatel


President - Provisions International Org. Inc.

Masters Program - CIST Network Manila

" The program is very accommodating since it is designed for pastors with needs of Biblical scholastic upgrading."



Ptr. Reiner J. Blas

Graphic Designer

Senior Pastor - God is Good Christian Church

Masters Program - CIST Network Manila

" The program is such a blessing because it caters to the needs of pastors, ministers and church lay-workers in terms of their various hectic schedule and yet are given opportunity to learn and have good foundation in their doctrines and beliefs."



Ptr. Jerome M. Garcia

Worship Leader

 Worship Pastor - Cross Towers Ministries

 Masters Program - CIST Network Manila

" Being a part of CIST program gave me an opportunity to finish my Bachelor's Degree and pursue my Master's Degree inspite of busy schedule. The Program equipped me and made me a better person while constantly studying the Scriptures. I recommend every minister to be a part of this program..."


Ptr. Bhalbant C. Singh, Jr.

Church Planter

Missionary Pastor - Touch Community Baptist Church

D.Min. Program - CIST Network Manila

"I believe that God has a wonderful plan for each and everyone of us and one of His good plan is to learn and be equip as His follower. I thank God because the school's program serves as my extension of  gaining knowledge and leadership skills to lead people in our church."


Ptr. Valeriano N. Paragsa

Jail Ministry

Senior Pastor - New Hope Christian Church

D.Min. Candidate - CIST Network Manila

"The curriculum is good and it is easy to understand and the curriculum is based on the standard subject of the Bible School."


Ptr. Romulo B. Gimeno

Pastor Church Planter

Radio Commentator - Former Rebel Leftist - SDA

Masters Program - CIST Network Manila

"Okey ang turo, malaki ang na-itulong sa akin. Lahat ng turo o aral ay mabuti." (The teachings are okey, it is a big help to my ministry. All teachings and lessons are excellent.)


Ptr. Rolando D.G. Ramos

Bible Teacher

Senior Pastor - Church of the Blessed Ministries Int'l Inc.

D.Min. Candidate - CIST Network Manila

"I am in good hands, it helps develops my character, ability, and leadership as well as my management ability."


Ptr. Ed S. Serviento

Church Planter

Pastor - Kamunig Bible Church

D.Min. Caniddate - CIST Network Manila

"The CIST program and curriculum is a breakthrough to pastors who would like to pursue their Christian education and fulfilling God's desire to be an effective servant-leader."


Ptr. Cesar C. Dulay

Church Planter

Senior Pastor - World Outreach Church

Bachelor's Program - CIST Network Manila

" The program is very equipping and helpful for every minister who desires to serve with excellence. We encourage each one to check out CIST. God can speak to you through this program."


May God richly bless you in your Christian growth and missions.

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For the glory of God.


Dr. Edwin M. Gregorio

Director - CIST ONLINE



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