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Certificate in Christian Evidences 1

Apologetics Press holds the copyright to each Christian Evidences Study Course series.


Book 1

All Lessons

Title - 4 Credits


Lesson 1

The Many Faces and Causes of Unbelief


Lesson 2

The Existence of GodóCause & Effect


Lesson 3

The Existence of GodóDesign


Lesson 4

The Existence of GodóMorality


Lesson 5

Creation vs. Evolutionó[Part I]


Lesson 6

Creation vs. Evolutionó[Part II]


Lesson 7

A General Introduction to the Bible


Lesson 8

The Inspiration of the Bible


Lesson 9

What Does God Expect of Me?


Lesson 10

The Church



Answers to Questions





One of the most popular offerings from Apologetics Press is our Christian Evidences Study Course, which currently comes in three different versions. The first is a 10-lesson introductory-level course intended for people who would like to begin an initial study in Christian evidences.


The second version, also in 10-lessons, is an intermediate-level course intended for people who have completed the lessons in the first course, or who simply want to study Christian evidences at a level that moves beyond introductory concepts.


The third is a 10-lesson advanced-level course intended for people who already have completed the first two courses, or who want to study Christian evidences at a level that moves beyond intermediate concepts. You may preview the lesson titles in each course by examining the chart below.


The three courses were published originally in full-color, printed formats (all three of which are available from our offices). However, we also wanted to make them available in an electronic format, in the hope that they would be useful to those people who prefer to study at their own leisure in the privacy of their homes, rather than in a somewhat more public classroom-type setting. We hope you enjoy, and profit from, the Christian Evidences Study Courses.


Important note: Each lesson in the Christian Evidences Study Course series comes with a set of questions intended to help reinforce the teaching material in the mind of the student. We have left those questions intact as a part of each series. 


Do not send those lessons to the offices of Apologetics Press for grading! An answer sheet is provided with each Study Course series so that you may check your answers yourself, rather than sending them to us.

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