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Book 1 Foundation Truths    
  1. The Christian Foundation

  2. About Jesus Christ

  3. About The Lord Jesus Christ

  4. About God

  5. About Man

  6. About Sin

  7. Our Identity In Christ Jesus

  8. Building on the Foundation

  9. The Authority of God's Word

10. The Working of God's Word


Book1      Test Questions 





Book 2 First Principles - Doctrine of Christ

11. Repentance from Dead Works  
12. Faith Towards God                    
13. Water Baptism                           
14. Holy Spirit Baptism                   
15. The Role of Tongues                
16. The Laying on of Hands              
17. The Resurrection of the Dead    
18. Eternal Judgment


Book2      Test Questions





Book 3 Spirit, Soul and Body Truths    
19. The Distinction Between the Spirit, Soul, and Body  
20. The Distinction (continued)

21. Three-Fold Salvation (Past)

22. Three-Fold Salvation (Present)

23. Three-Fold Salvation (Future)


  Book3      Test Questions





Book 4 The Body of Christ - The Church    
24. The Church                                            
25. The Divine Order for Church Government    
26. The Oversight Ministry of Jesus              
27. The Role of Women in the Church        
27. Appendix - Women in Ministry


Book4      Test Questions






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