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Book 1 Communication - Preaching Clinic Book1      Test Questions  
  1. It's Tough to Preach
  2. Preach the Word
  3. Take Heed How You Hear
  4. The Preacher and His Hearers
  5. What is Preaching
  6. What is the Purpose of Preaching
  7. What Makes a Great Sermon
  8. Sermon Preparation
  9. When Does Sermon Preparation Begin
10. Selecting a Subject
11. Giving the Sermon Purpose
12. Gathering Materials for the Sermon
13. Types of Sermons
14. Doctrinal Preaching
15. Application of the Sermon I
16. Application of the Sermon II
17. Application of the Sermon III
18. Organizing the Sermon I
19. Organizing the Sermon II
20. Organizing the Sermon III
21. The Introduction of the Sermon
22. The Body of the Sermon
23. The Conclusion of the Sermon
24. Using Illustrations
25. Why Use Illustrations
26. Where Should Illustrations Be Used
27. Where Can Illustrations Be Found
28. Presenting Attention Getting Illustrations
29. Benefits and Dangers of Illustrations
30. Delivery of the Sermon
31. Effective Communication I
32. Effective Communication II
33. Hindrances to Communication I
34. Hindrances to Communication II
35. In Conclusion






Book 2 Christian Education 101

Book2      Test Questions  
Part 1 What Is A Christian Education
1.The Christian Philosophy of Education
  2. A Concise Statement of A Biblical Philosophy
  3. Is There A Philosophy of Christian Education?
  4. A Definition of Christian Education
  5. The Importance of a Philosophy of Christian Education
  6. Is There A Philosophy of Christian Education
Part 2 The Christian Educator
1.Twelve Advantages of Christian Education
  2. The Christian School Teacher As a Counselor
  3. The Goals of Christian Education
  4. The Advantages of a Christian Education
  5. Counseling Our Youth










Book 3 Teaching Tactics

Book3      Test Questions 
  1. An Introduction To Teaching
  2. A Teacher Come From God: The Mission
  3. A Teacher Come From God: The Message - Part I
  4. A Teacher Come From God: The Message - Part II
  5. A Teacher Come From God: The Methods - Part I
  6. A Teacher Come From God: The Methods - Part II
  7. Teaching Aids
  8. Analyzing The Audience
  9. Stating Objectives
10. Lesson Planning
11. Evaluation
12. Curriculum Selection
13. Teaching Illiterate Students
14. Teacher Training
15. An Introduction To Preaching
16. Planning A Sermon












Book 4 Counterfeit Christianity (Cults)

Book4      Test Questions 
1. Introduction
  2. Cults and Historical Heresy
  3. Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses
  4. Christian Science , Unity and New Thought, and Scientology
  5. Worldwide Church of God, The Way, Unification Church
  6. Occultism, Satanism , and New Age Overview
  7. The New Age Movement
  8. Discerning the Cults
  9. The Christian Response








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