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Book 1 Discipleship 1 - Identification Series

  1. Gods Identification with Sinners

   The Believer's Identification in Christ Jesus
  2. Different Facets of Believers Identity - 1 

  Different Facets of Believers Identity - 2 

  Believers Identity - Summary
  3. Put On the New Man

  Re-Programming of the Mind
  4. Repent and Be Converted - 1

  Repent and Be Converted - 2
  5. Put Off Life-Style of Old Man

  Renew the Spirit of your Mind
Being Followers of Jesus
  6. Godly Thinking - Godly Habits - 1

   Walking In Love - Godly Habits - 2
  7. Walking as Children of Light-Godly Habits -3     
  8. Walking Circumspectly

   Confession of Identification


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Book 2 Discipleship 2 - Metamorphosis Series

  1. Metamorphosis of Believers into Christians                                    
Attitude adjustment in Relationship to the Word
  2. Attitude Adjustment in Relationship to the World                                 
Attitude Adjustment in Relationship to Authority
  3. Attitude Adjustment in Relationship to Gods Personal Dealings      
Attitude Adjustment in Relationship to God's Plan
  4. Attitude Adjustment in Relationship to God, Himself                       
To God the Father
To God the Son
To God the Holy Spirit
  5. Attitude Adjustment in Relationship to God's Glory                         
To The Glory of His Name
To The Glory or His Word
To The Glory of God in Us
To The Glory of God With Us


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Book 3 Discipleship 3 - God's Plan Series

1. The Foundation of Our Relationship with God                     
God's Plan for Releasing Faith
  2. Love Which Releases Faith - 1

  Love Which Releases Faith - 2
Walking in Love

The Way of the Cross
  3. Christ Living Through You

  Jesus, Our Example

God's Way (Plan) to Spiritual Maturity
  4. Being Led by the Spirit

   Be Filled With the Spirit
  5. Distinction: Baptism with the Holy Spirit and New Birth       
Speaking with New Tongues
  6. The Gifts of the Spirit

  The Fruits of The Spirit
  7. The Lord Added to the Church

  The Local Church
  8. Putting on the New Man

  Taking a Spiritual Bath
  9. Submission to a Spiritual Father

  Three-Fold Salvation
10. God's Plan of Salvation

     Cultivate your Salvation
  11. Reasons to Cultivate Salvation - 1

    Reasons to Cultivate Salvation - 2
  12. Reasons to Cultivate Salvation - 3

    Reasons to Cultivate Salvation - 4


Book3      Test Questions























Book 4  Discipleship 4 - Maturity and Growth  
1. Where are you                                   
2. What is your problem                         
3. Beatitudes For Times of Temptation


Book4      Test Questions






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