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Book 1  Sevenfold Heritage and Rest   

Part 1 Sevenfold Heritage of the Children of God
  1. Peace with God
  2. The Accessibility of God's Grace
  3. Boasting In The Hope of Glory of God
  4. Victory Over Tribulation
  5. No Shame Or Disappointment
  6. Delivered From Wrath
  7. Boast (Joy) In God
Part 2 Rest For The Soul (Four Laws of Rest)

  1. The Rest of God's Covering and Oversight
  2. The Rest of Commitment
  3. The rest of Knowing Him
  4. The Rest of God's Presence


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Book 2  Authorities and NT Prophecies

Part 1 Higher Authorities (Powers)
  1. The Identity of these Higher Authorities
  2. Sphere of Activity and Responsibility of Each of these Higher Authorities
  3. The Relationship of these Three Higher Authorities to Each Other
  4. The Relationship of Each Church Member to the Other Members of the Church
Part 2 New Testament Prophecies (Prophets)
1. The Old Testament Prophet
  2. The New Testament Prophet
  3. The Revealed New Testament Ministry of Prophets


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Book 3  Marriage and Parenting  

Part 1 Marriage - Biblical Model
  1. Marriage Instituted by God
  2. Duties of Husband and Wives in Marriage
  3. What Marriages Need to Succeed and Blossom
Part 2 Parenting - Training-Up Your Child
  1. Comments on Proverbs 22:6
  2. The Parent
  3. The Child
  4. What Does Child Training Mean
  5. Teaching Your Child
  6. Child Training Summary


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Book 4    Family Issues and Ministry 

  1. Divorce and Remarriage
  2. Feminism
  3. Homosexuality
  4. Families Under Pressure
  5. Gods Desire for Marriage
  6. Forgiveness in Marriage
  7. Maintaining a Forgiving Heart
  8. Unforgiveness & Anger
  9. Teen Rebellion
10. Bitterness


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