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Christian International School of Theology (CIST) is an internet and church-based theological Bible School to provide the most extensive, integrated, Biblically-based, Spirit-anointed, life-transforming curriculum package available in the world today.



Our primary goal is to fulfill the Great Commission to disciple, train and raise up Spirit-Anointed Leaders who disciple nations and improving sensitivity to the voice of God, who adhere to Bible-based Education - REAL LIFE, TRANSFORMATIONAL, BIBLICALLY-GROUNDED, REVELATION-BASED LEARNING.



The educational philosophy of CHRISTIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY (CIST) rests on its commitment to be of service to students through the provision of an environment where there would be opportunities to relate theories and knowledge to practical training. The Center focuses the students to a life and a future already integrated with the real working world. With this theory in education, CIST then dedicated itself to the molding of future professionals in attaining, a dream, to take an active role in the education and training of the students, workers, professionals through continuous innovation of education program and evaluation of ministry needs.



CHRISTIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY (CIST) is an internet, home and church-based theological school utilizing some of the Christian Leadership University’s Curriculum (www.cluonline.com); Xenos Christian Fellowship (www.xenos.org); Hearing of Faith Bible Institute (Axtell, Texas); Harvestime International Institute (Madera, California); American Indian Bible Institute (USA); Generation Word (USA) and Christian Leadership Institute (Philippines).



Christian International School of Theology (CIST) is a:

· Member- Association of Fundamental Institutions for Religious Education (AFIRE); 

· Affiliate- World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Theological Commission;

 · Member- Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA);

· Member- International Theological Association (ITA);

 · Member- World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF)




The School is in consortium with Discipling the Nations for World Missions - Asia; Immanuel Institute and Seminary (Philippines); Christian Ministry College (Philippines); Immanuel Theological Seminary (Philippines); Manila Theological College (Philippines); Andrew Theological Seminary (Philippines), Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary (Maryland, USA), Jeruel Institute of Theology (Muntinlupa Prison Ministry - Philippines).


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contact:  admissions@cistonline.com


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