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1. Must be a Christian believer and  have walked and believed in the Christian faith.

2. Have a definite personal conviction of a call to Christian service.

3. Have a character above reproach in the home, church and community.

4. Be physically fit as attested by a medical physician (optional).

5. Must be a High School graduate for the Bachelor Program.

6. Must be a Bachelor degree holder or its equivalent from a recognized institution for Graduate Studies.

7. Applicants for admission must be at least 18 years of age.

8. Anyone who wants to learn the Bible, the ONLY requirement is that you can read and write the English language and must be able to communicate on the internet for the FREE Bible Certificate Courses.



Join our Free Bible College Certificate Program and get one or more Free Bible Courses as our free gift to you with no obligation.

 Our Certificate Program are equivalent to our Degree Program. They are available for you to download as you Register. 

The Benefits of the Free Program. Once you complete the Free Bible Course/s, we will e-mail you a Certificate of Completion (Digital Format) with your name and the date you graduated and you will have the satisfaction of graduating from our internationally recognized School of Theology, however, you will receive NO transcript, NO credits, Certificate only.  Simply register in the Free Program.

Take the Free Bible Courses totally for free. You can "switch" to the Accredited Degree Program at anytime.... Any Free Bible Courses taken will become accredited when you pay the Enrollment and Validation Fee for each module.

Completing the Free Bible Certificate Program. The satisfaction of knowing that you have completed a Biblical Program and increased your knowledge to effectively communicate God’s Word with confidence and the power to reap souls into the Kingdom of God and partake in the end time harvest.

After finishing your Free Bible Courses Modules and wanted to pursue an Online Degree you are hereby qualified to apply to our Tuition Fee Scholarship, almost 50% discount per module enrolled.

CIST Online accepts transfers from other Faith-based Seminary, Bible College, provided that they will present their Official Transcript of Record for validation and credits.

Transferees coming from a "Secular" school will have to complete additional 2 Module Courses over and above the required Modules.

**NOTE: No Registration, No Assignments, No Certificates,.. Files are Confidential**

**Accepts Paypal & Credit Card Payments or Donations**

**Enroll Now! Get Free E-books, Free PDF Courses, Free Lessons, Free Manuals...**

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1. Brochure 1 - Faculty

2. Brochure 2 - Brochure

3. Download Forms - Fill-in the Admissions XLS and Registration Doc. Send it back to us.

    Certificate   Bachelor   Masters   Doctorate  Registration Form 

4. Course Checklist - Bachelor's Program Masters Program  Doctorate Program

5. Brief Description and Operations Manual

6.  School Handbook

* FREE Certificate Program (non-credit) - Conversion to a full credit Program 

   * By requesting the Dean and by paying the corresponding fees.  

* Ministry Discounts on Tuition Fee - For Pastors, Missionaries, Church Workers & Leaders

   * To apply for ministry discount, present your ministry credentials or ordination certificates together

    with the letter of endorsements from your Church Board or Church Council or Senior Pastor.

* Scholarship One Hundred   

   * Hundred percent discount (100%) on the Tuition Fees

 * All approved Tuition Fee Scholarship needs to pay, Enrollment Fee and Misc. Fee only for every  Module

    *(1 Module = 4 Subjects/Courses). Almost 50% Discounts on every Module and Courses!!!





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