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Dr. Edwin M. Gregorio

Director - CIST ONLINE


GRADUATION 2010 - Manila, Philippines

CIST Paranaque City - God Is Good Christian Church



                 Dr. Edwin M. Gregorio - Dean           Dr. Tony C. San Jose - Graduation Address











                         Dr. Antonio C. San Jose                                 Ptr. Reiner J. Blas



                        Ptr. Jerome M. Garcia                           Ptr. Severino R. De Leon Jr.



             Inyoung Kim "Sis Ruth" - Korea                  Ptra. Hatie C. Naraine - Canada



               Ptr. Daniel D. Naraine - Canada                        Ptr. Bhalbant C. Singh Jr.





                                         Ptr. Paul of Canada - Anointing Oil Service











       Our Host:

    Thanks to Ptr. Reiner J. Blas, his Wife Dra. Tess of the God Is Good Christian Church and  

          their Leaders, Westmont Village, Paranaque City


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