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G12 Module 2 - Book 1

· G12 Pre-Encounter Book1      Test Questions 
      Intro: The Four Spiritual Law
  1. The New Birth
  2. Our Salvation
  3. The Power of the Scripture
  4. Principles of Deliverance
  5. The importance of Encountering God
  6. Preparation for your Encounter

      Pre-Encounter Guidelines


G12 Module 2 - Book 2

· G12 Encounter Book2      Test Questions  
  DAY 1 - Challenge To Change

    Session 1. Opportunity Knocks
  DAY 2 - Repentance, Inner Healing, and Deliverance
    Session 1. The Way of Death; The Cross
    Session 2. The Prodigal Son: A Story of Restoration
    Session 3. Sexual Purity; Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
    Session 4. Closing the Doors in Our Lives – Part 1
    Session 5. Closing the Doors in Our Lives – Part 2
  DAY 3 - The Holy Spirit and the New Life in the Principle of G12
    Session 6. The Baptism In the Holy Spirit


G12 Module 2 - Book 3

· G12 Post-Encounter Book3      Test Questions 
  1. How To Overcome The World
  2. How To Talk With God
  3. Social Life
  4. The Word - The Fountain Of Life
  5. Sexuality
  6. The Church: God's Refuge
  7. A Balanced Life
  8. Baptism - A Step Of Obedience
  9. Music And Its Influence On Our Lives
10. How To Know The Will Of God


G12 Module 2 - Book 4

· Discipleship Model Book4      Test Questions  
Part 1 Making Discipling Works
  1. A Biblical Viewpoint
  2. General Plans
  3. Principles to Follow In Discipling
  4. Teaching the Lessons
  5. Building A Reproducer
Part 2 Organizational Plans, Procedures, Methods for Discipling
1. Organizational Plans for the Discipling Ministry
  2. Procedures for the Disciplers In the Discipling Ministry
  3. Establishing the New Convert through  a Dscipling Ministry
Part 3 Ministering the Right Way

  1. Ministering the Right Way or the Wrong Way!
  2. How Can We Build People’s Lives?
  3. Building People’s Lives!


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