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G12 Module 4 - Book 1

G12 SOL Seminar 1 Book1      Test Questions 
  1. Family
  2. Family members and their proper roles
  3. Protecting self esteem
  4. Seven steps to a successful courtship
  5. Strengthening communication in the family
  6. The blessing of God upon the family
  7. The Leader and his family
  8. Abundant life


G12 Module 4 - Book 2 

G12 SOL Seminar 2 Book2      Test Questions  
  1. Moving the Hand of God Through Intercession
  2. Intercession Part 1
  3. Intercession Part 2
  4. Knowing the Holy Spirit the Key to Effective Intercession
  5. Strengthening the Ministry Through Evangelism
  6. Evangelism Part 1
  7. Evangelism Part 2
  8. Evangelism Part 3
  9. Serving Others Part 1
10. Serving Others Part 2


G12 Module 4 - Book 3 

G12 SOL Seminar 3 Book3      Test Questions 
  1. Consolidation
  2. How To Consolidate
  3. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  4. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  5. Ministry Gifts
  6. The Importance of Counseling
  7. The Application of Counseling
  8. The Practice of Biblical Counseling
  9. Key Themes in Counseling
10. Counseling Workshop


G12 Module 4 - Book 4

Christian Education 101 Book4      Test Questions  
Part 1 What Is A Christian Education
1.The Christian Philosophy of Education
  2. A Concise Statement of A Biblical Philosophy
  3. Is There A Philosophy of Christian Education?
  4. A Definition of Christian Education
  5. The Importance of a Philosophy of Christian Education
  6. Is There A Philosophy of Christian Education
Part 2 The Christian Educator
1.Twelve Advantages of Christian Education
  2. The Christian School Teacher As a Counselor
  3. The Goals of Christian Education
  4. The Advantages of a Christian Education
  5. Counseling Our Youth


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