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Module 5 - Book 1 

Vision for Ministry and Harvest Book1      Test Questions  
Part 1 Building Relationships, Sowing Seed, Reaping A Harvest
  1. What About the Harvest?
  2. Witnessing In the Spirit!
  3. Building Redemptive Relationships!
  4. Stair-stepping Your Friends to Christ!

Part 2 Reaching The Lost With The Gospel
  5. The Most Important Word. . . In Any Language!
  6. What Do You See In The Real You... A Person God Wants to Us?
  7. What About Your Family Tree?!
  8. Reaching Your Real World!
  9. Reaching Out By Loving. . . Love IS Meeting Needs!
10. Overcoming Barriers. . . So We Can Reach Out!
11. Building Bridges. . . To Those Who Are Lost!
12. Are You Bearing Fruit?
13. Confronting Others With the Gospel!
14. Sharing the Gospel Plan - A Soul Winning Plan


Module 5 - Book 2 

Developing Evangelism Ministry Book2      Test Questions  
Biblical Witnessing For Effective Results
  1. Understanding What Salvation Really Is
  2. Understanding the Evidences of Genuine Salvation
  3. Understanding the Failure of Popular Approaches
  4. Prerequisites for Witnessing
  5. What a Witness Is
  6 What Is Included in the Great Commission
  7. A Plan of Approach in Witnessing
  8. The Essential Content in Witnessing
  9. Basic Factors in Witnessing
10. Godly Wisdom in Witnessing
     Appendix: Content of a Witnessing Model


Module 5 - Book 3 

Developing Follow-Up Ministry Book3      Test Questions  

Biblical Discipling In The Local Church
  1. The Biblical Definition of New Testament Follow-Up
  2. The Biblical Necessity of New Testament Follow-Up
  3. Multiplication In the Church Through a Follow-Up Ministry
  4. Integrating Follow-Up In the Local Church Ministry
  5. Major Essentials In the Process of Follow-Up
  6. The Characteristics of the Discipler
  7. Testimonies and Examples of Discipling


Module 5 - Book 4 

Developing Discipleship Ministry Book4      Test Questions 

Why Should A Local Church Invest In A Discipling Ministry
  1. Necessity of Discipling!
  2. Multiplication or Stagnation?
  3. Caring For Others In A Discipling Ministry!
  4. Building Others!
  5. Integrating the New Convert Into the Lordís Work!
  6. Intercession -- The Act of An Earnest Appeal!
  7. What Is the Purpose of Discipling?
  8. Are You Truly A Disciple?
  9. Multiplication -- the Great Prospect In Godís Work!


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